Vape Review – Wulf Digital

Wulf Vape Digital review

Building on its company’s hugely successful models of the past, the Wulf Vape Digital makes a great new addition to the Wulf Mods catalogue. The new features on the Digital put it a cut above almost every other vaporiser currently on the market, without sacrificing any of the functional quality so many of us loved about the classic “Tundra” model.

As you can see from the image, the design has taken a fairly big deviation from the Tundra’s sleek, sportscar-esque battery, with a rigid, hard rubber case. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t crazy when I saw this new tough exterior, but it grew on me rapidly. This new battery case feels great in your hand, and takes away the risk of the Tundra’s smooth metal slipping from your grip and taking possibly irreparable damage. The digital temperature display is an incredibly handy feature, giving you more precise control in getting the Digital to your optimal vaping temperature, and a greatly increased run time shows that the higher-ups at Wulf Mods have taken the time to listen to their loyal customers.

You may find with cheaper vape models that drier strains simply don’t do as well, and it takes a much longer, deeper drag to get the kick you’d like. The Wulf Vape Digital features a built-in circulation heating system, which builds up to a good temperature in around 90 seconds. Yes, a minute and a half is quite a while compared to some models from Wulf’s competitors, but once you take your hit in you’ll agree that the warm-up was well worth the wait! When used properly, the Digital draws massive clouds of vapour, with no nasty artificial taste and an extremely satisfying kick.

Like many vaporiser brands currently on the market, Wulf Mods seems to have put a lot of work into developing their digital temperature control. The LCD screen gives you an accurate figure of both the temperature you’re currently vaping at, and your desired temperature, which can range between 93 and 220 degrees Celsius (200 and 428 F). If you’re new to a vaporiser with this level of control, you’ll have a lot of fun playing around and honing in on your perfect temperature. The freedom to quickly jump from strength to strength can come in especially useful if you’re looking for a model with a certain amount of discretion.

Another feature has proved to be a god send for forgetful people like me. You may have had this problem before; having a nice long session on your vape, then putting it away and forgetting about it. When you want to use it again, you reach eagerly into your bag and pull out an empty battery. The Digital takes care of this problem by shutting off after it’s left idle for more than a minute. This model also turns off the heating cycle and flashes its LCD display at you when its battery is running low.

In summary, this model offers an exceptional vaping experience for a very reasonable price. While the beefy rubber design may not be to everyone’s taste, the added features and functionality of the Digital make up for it and then some, and all in all is an excellent successor to the Tundra.

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