Vape Review – Arizer Air

Arizer Air Review

Over the last year or so, dozens of portable vaporisers have been released, and while there have been a lot of great new models, none of them seemed exactly ground-breaking. This chain was broken by the release of the Arizer Air last November.

The Air builds upon the success of the earlier Solo, which was met with consistent praise by pretty much everyone who used it. It matches other high-end vaporisers in size, around 12 by 3 centimetres, as well as in price, at a slightly hard to swallow $259.00. Another feature that hints at the Air’s superior quality is that it takes changeable Li-ion batteries which are good for around an hour of continuous use. Perhaps the most distinctive sales point of the Arizer air is that you can use it while it’s charging, something which a large majority of vapers unfortunately miss out on.

The Air is fitted with a five-stage ceramic heating chamber, which reaches its highest temperature in around two minutes. Although this struck me as a little sluggish for a label as well-reputed as Arizer, the Air makes up for it with its wide range of temperatures, reaching from 356 to 410 Fahrenheit. This warm up time makes the Air a model better suited to private use, rather than taking it to pubs and clubs where you’ll need something a little faster to keep a low profile.

All the nuts and bolts are contained in a subtle, modern matte casing available in either silver or black which, seen as you’re reading this blog, will remind you instantly of a lightsaber handle. Compared to the fiddly process of a lot of other models in a high price range, you’ll find that loading the Air up is always quick and easy. Simply take the mouthpiece out of the base, dip the bowl partition into a pile of finely ground herb, put it back into place and you’re ready to go. This unique design of the bowl means you don’t have to handle your herb when loading, minimising the risk of you spilling. The Air comes out of the box with a sleek carrying case, which has sections for the two mouthpieces it comes with, which can be changed easily if you don’t want to wait around for one to cool down.

The only flaw I can really find in the Air is the way that it doesn’t hold its temperature quite as well as other high-end brands. This is especially prevalent when you’re drawing quickly – two sharp puffs is enough for the status light to start blinking – although this will be an issue in some form no matter what portable vape you use.

Overall, the Air is an incredibly well designed and potent model, almost tailor-made for the vapour connoisseur. While it’s a little clunky for public use, it functions in just the way you’d like it to, and covers a lot of the most common complaints made about other, sub-standard models.

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