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While the DaVinci was built with rugged portability in mind, the Ascent transcends vaporizers into a new realm. Ascent sets the standard in portable vaporizers by offering the purest air path, stylish lifestyle based designs and encompassing all of the benefits of portability that the DaVinci brand is known for.

Meticulous detail was taken in every step from selecting the glass-lined ceramic bowl, which radiates heat evenly, to the dual-mouth piece, allowing the personal vaporizer to be shared, all the way to the different skins reflective to the user’s lifestyle.

Eradicating the competition, the Ascent eliminates the need for an immediate power source with our 3+ hour battery life and convenient car charging option. The Ascent is also the first portable vaporizer to boast an all glass air path, lending to pure vaporization with the upmost efficiency, inspired by the advanced technological componentry.



Ascent Vaporizer Overview

The Ascent Vaporizer is a new portable unit designed by DaVinci that will be introduced to the Vaporizer Market in the Spring of 2013.

With features such as Digital Temperature control, a Removable Glass Mouthpiece, Premium Grade Materials, and a 4 Hour Run time, this portable Vaporizer is sure to be a perfect fit for both novice and expert patrons alike.

Smart Temperature Technology is combined with an inert ceramic heating element and all glass air path to ensure quality Vapor delivery.

Since the Ascent Vaporizer is designed with similar measurements as an i-Phone 4, the Ascent is equipped with all the characteristics of a superior pocket sized Vaporizer that can be used at home or anywhere on the go!

The Ascent Vaporizer is available with your choice of premium grade materials, real wood, carbon fiber, or croc skin.


Ascent Vaporizer Warranty

Each Ascent Vaporizer is backed by a two year manufacturer’s warranty restricted to normal use. The lithium ion rechargeable batteries have a standard 90 Warranty.

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Wood, Black, Carbon Fibre

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    You may have been using a perfectly good portable vaporiser for years, and have no technical problems with it, however you’re likely to be limited to using it for either dried herbs or oils. The DaVinci ascent is the latest of our featured vaporisers, which totally erases this problem, letting you vape dry herbs, wax and essential oils with great comfort, convenience and if required discretion.

    The outer casing of the Ascent screams luxury. The unit is compact, with a comfortable, curved shape, and available in a variety of gorgeous finishes – the “burl wood” is my personal favourite. It has an OLED display built into one face, which shows you the current temperature (ranging between 3 and 221 degrees Celsius) and has an easy to understand control interface, letting you customise how the whole thing works. There’s a retractable glass mouthpiece, though this isn’t necessary for use, which pulls smoothly out of the top of the unit. This mouthpiece is an extension of the Ascent’s vapour pathway, which is all glass, leaving no room for that god-awful artificial taste you get with a lot of cheap vapes. The other end of the model swings out to reveal the heating chamber, which is compatible with dry herbs, concentrates, waxes and oils through the use of a glass insert. Two of these come with the box, but you can order more from our site.


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