Brooklyn – Brooklyn Bridge Park

   Located underneath the world famous Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges, this sprawling park offers some of the best views of Manhattan as well an array of great places to grab a coffee, bite to eat, or even a cocktail.

Also look for Smorgasburg on Saturdays during the summer Click Here for more info.

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  • 2 oz Cannabis-infused Rye Whiskey*
  • 1 oz Sweet vermouth
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters


INFUSION: *Cannabis-Infused Rye Whiskey:

  • 1 750mL bottle Rye Whiskey
  • 8 grams Cannabis

Cut or grind your bud of choice and place it on a baking tray in the oven at 240-degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Pour the bottle of whiskey into a sealable one-liter jar, and add the baked cannabis. Agitate it lightly and let it sit, out of the sun, for 48 hours. Pour it through a cheesecloth and a strainer, making sure to squeeze any remaining liquid out of the cheesecloth.

You can obviously adjust the infusion process to reach the potency of your choice.


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into a chilled coupe glass.


Photoshoot in Brooklyn with the Puffit 2 to show off some new skins!

Source: Village Voice, Zachary Feldman  |  Question for you, New York: Are you more of a wake-and-baker or a late-night social smoker? Do you get high to ponder the meaning of life, or are you forever chasing the euphoria of the first time you smoked and then laughed until you couldn’t breathe? Do you smoke at all? Maybe you forgo the weed for good old friendly alcohol? No matter how you like to get your buzz, New York City is a veritable playground for feeding your resulting munchies. Back away from the $1 slice of pizza and head to one of these eleven places instead.

Wake-and-Bake Destinations

The Queens Kickshaw (40-17 Broadway, Queens; 718-777-0913)

Ben Sandler and Jennifer Lim’s Astoria café has been ground zero for superlative grilled cheese ever since opening in 2011 — the restaurant serves the creamy, crunchy delicacy starting at dawn. The indulgent breakfast sandwich banks on a double dose of queso: Silky, milky ricotta joins just-cooked eggs on pillowy Balthazar brioche, the outside of which comes encased in a crisp of browned gruyère. If your good morning vibes take you to an adventurous place (figuratively speaking), there are versions with blue cheese and prune jam on cranberry-walnut bread, and manchego pressed between slices of herbed focaccia.— Zachary Feldman

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream (2 Rivington Street, 212-209-7684)

High or not, ice cream for breakfast is always the right call. Mornings at Nick Morgenstern’s Lower East Side scoop shop — known for the enterprising chef’s exacting approach to flavors (including five separate expressions each of vanilla and chocolate) — feature composed breakfast desserts like avocado toast that finds avocado ice cream spread across thick slices of Japanese milk bread toast and drizzled with olive oil, and salt-and-pepper bread pudding with beets and cultured yogurt. Best of all, everything on the menu is under $10, and most of it is decadent enough to share. — Zachary Feldman

Barney Greengrass (541 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-724-4707)

Let third-generation owner Gary Greengrass be your groovy seafood shaman at this 107-year-old smoked-fish emporium on the Upper West Side, the oldest surviving appetizing counter and restaurant in the city. Meaty, pearly white sturgeon and creamy whitefish hit the table as hard as you do your vaporizer thanks to the no-bullshit waitstaff, who add to the beige dining room’s time-capsule appeal. Stop by the long counter up front on the way out to keep the party going into the afternoon. What’s better than an afternoon nap? An afternoon nap with lox on the other side. — Zachary Feldman

Shopsin’s General Store (120 Essex Street, no phone)

The 1,000+-item menu at the Shopsin family’s Essex Street Market café routinely stymies even sober diners, so try to take a look at the Talmudic document beforehand. Dishes like pastrami reuben latkes and mac ‘n’ cheese pancakes were made for hazy mornings, and specials bring new meaning to the word (eggs and gumbo cheese grits with a slab of batter-fried cinnamon cornbread, for example). Patriarch Kenny Shopsin presides over the controlled chaos, a man with enough character for several entertainment franchises.

With smoking out and the push for the ban of e-cigarettes on the horizon we are on a mission to build a guide for Vape friendly spots around the city. Our goal is to build a reference guide for our customers and friends where they can not only grab a coffee or a cocktail but enjoy using their vaporizer without an issue.