Wulf Vape Digital review

Building on its company’s hugely successful models of the past, the Wulf Vape Digital makes a great new addition to the Wulf Mods catalogue. The new features on the Digital put it a cut above almost every other vaporiser currently on the market, without sacrificing any of the functional quality so many of us loved about the classic “Tundra” model.

As you can see from the image, the design has taken a fairly big deviation from the Tundra’s sleek, sportscar-esque battery, with a rigid, hard rubber case. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t crazy when I saw this new tough exterior, but it grew on me rapidly. This new battery case feels great in your hand, and takes away the risk of the Tundra’s smooth metal slipping from your grip and taking possibly irreparable damage. The digital temperature display is an incredibly handy feature, giving you more precise control in getting the Digital to your optimal vaping temperature, and a greatly increased run time shows that the higher-ups at Wulf Mods have taken the time to listen to their loyal customers.

You may find with cheaper vape models that drier strains simply don’t do as well, and it takes a much longer, deeper drag to get the kick you’d like. The Wulf Vape Digital features a built-in circulation heating system, which builds up to a good temperature in around 90 seconds. Yes, a minute and a half is quite a while compared to some models from Wulf’s competitors, but once you take your hit in you’ll agree that the warm-up was well worth the wait! When used properly, the Digital draws massive clouds of vapour, with no nasty artificial taste and an extremely satisfying kick.

Like many vaporiser brands currently on the market, Wulf Mods seems to have put a lot of work into developing their digital temperature control. The LCD screen gives you an accurate figure of both the temperature you’re currently vaping at, and your desired temperature, which can range between 93 and 220 degrees Celsius (200 and 428 F). If you’re new to a vaporiser with this level of control, you’ll have a lot of fun playing around and honing in on your perfect temperature. The freedom to quickly jump from strength to strength can come in especially useful if you’re looking for a model with a certain amount of discretion.

Another feature has proved to be a god send for forgetful people like me. You may have had this problem before; having a nice long session on your vape, then putting it away and forgetting about it. When you want to use it again, you reach eagerly into your bag and pull out an empty battery. The Digital takes care of this problem by shutting off after it’s left idle for more than a minute. This model also turns off the heating cycle and flashes its LCD display at you when its battery is running low.

In summary, this model offers an exceptional vaping experience for a very reasonable price. While the beefy rubber design may not be to everyone’s taste, the added features and functionality of the Digital make up for it and then some, and all in all is an excellent successor to the Tundra.



Wulf Mods SX Review

Wulf has always shown consistent improvement in its new releases, and their latest model, the SX, doesn’t disappoint. This model is much simpler than previous Wulf vapes in terms of actually using it, so you won’t have to spend too long giving instructions to your friend who’s only ever smoked. Regardless of your experience, the Wulf SX gives you great control of your hit, and has the capacity to produce a massive amount of vapour, which makes it an excellent model for passing around a group of friends.

The design of the SX, while not quite as sleek as the Tundra, is still a sight to behold, and offers a better grip with its hard rubber casing. At five inches, it is conveniently portable, and discrete where you need it to be. The LCD temperature display, as with any Wulf product, gives you more precise control to reach your ideal vaping temperature compared to run-of-the-mill vaporisers. The run time, which was a common source for complaint with Wulf’s earlier vapes, is greatly improved compared to the Tundra, and about on par with the new Digital model.

There are many favourable features of the SX. The battery takes a very tolerable two hours to charge, which is good for about an hour and a half of use. Like Wulf’s Digital model, the SX comes with an automatic shutdown feature, which will turn the device off after it’s left idle for ten minutes, making sure you don’t waste charge when you put the vape away and forget to turn it off. The SX also warms up much faster than your average vape, taking just a minute to reach the highest possible setting. The heating chamber of the SX works with both dry herbs and concentrates, and is made of stainless steel, which is meant to be better for getting more vapour out of it.

In summary the Wulf SX is a great little device, and despite a couple of quirks, has a pleasing run time that delivers a very satisfying hit, and the reliable display makes it well worth the price. If you liked the Tundra, you’ll positively LOVE the SX.


Sequels! They’re everywhere these days. With movies, they are generally poor imitations of the original, but when it comes to the sequel to the amazing Puffit P1 and Puffit X vaporizers, the follow-up is a stunning piece of work. The Puffit 2 looks similar from the outside, but Discreetvape have completely redesigned it internally to bring you the ultimate in portable vaporizer technology.

They say that ‘less is more’ but with the Puffit 2 ‘more is more’. It has more of everything. It’s more efficient, more responsive, more realistic and more compact. The original Puffit, the P1, was a ground-breaking design that allowed you to take part in your favorite herbs in the most public places by mimicking a typical asthma inhaler. The P2 takes this concept to the next level by being 20% smaller than its predecessor. The reduction in size is clear in both length and width, making it incredibly comfortable to carry around with you and pleasing to use in the hand.

While reducing the size of the unit, DiscreetVape have actually been able to increase the battery life by up to 75%. DiscreetVape have put some serious engineering effort into the battery on the new Puffit 2. You’ll really notice the benefits of this by the amount of time you don’t spend recharging it. Better still, the battery is now removable so, if the worst does happen and you drop it in the bath (or worse), you can simply change it out. Being able to swap batteries also allows you to carry spare batteries, especially useful if you’re going to taking the Puffit 2 with you where there won’t be opportunities to recharge it easily. This deceptively simple upgrade will save you time and money; another small improvement that will reap huge benefits but it doesn’t stop there. The battery now contains the charge indicator. The 4 phases will let you know just how much power is left in the battery. If it’s running low, the 1-hour quick charge feature really comes into its own.

The unit itself now comes in a single-piece of moulded Nylon, capable of withstanding and insulating the high temperatures within. This new design also eliminates the need for any exposed screws or unsightly plastic joints, making the unit look like a fantastically high-end product. The attention to detail goes further, as even the USB port used for recharging is hidden discreetly away. The quality extends to the redesigned packaging which will store your Puffit securely during travel. As before the unit comes with its own charging USB cable, battery module, cleaning tool, 4 replacement screens, mouthpiece cap and a alcoholic wipe for hygiene purposes. Everything you need, right out of the box.

Of course, the real benefits come from the content you can use with this new unit. The Puffit 2 allows you to use concentrates and dry blends. You’ll know when the unit is ready to use due to the new haptic, temperature feedback system it incorporates. Once it has reach the optimum heat (any of the 4 settings), the unit will vibrate to let you know it’s ready. Another fantastically discreet way of using the Puffit 2 in public.

With all these innovative improvements, DiscreetVape has created another product that will revolutionize the vaping industry, but they’re not stopping there. Thanks to the upgradable modular design of the Puffit 2, they are developing both an e-juice and turbo concentrate units to work in harmony with their range of products. There has never been a better time to try this unit.

Goboof Alfa Review

If you’re in the market for a vape that provides a satisfying hit in short, rapid draws, you could do a lot worse than the Goboof Alfa. The Alfa is a reasonably priced portable vaporiser made by a relatively new company, and has a variety of features that sets it apart from a lot of other vaporisers in its class.

The Alfa is one of the smallest portable vapes currently on the market, giving it an edge over a lot of other popular models if you’re looking for something with discretion. The design is conveniently simple; there’s a removable silicone mouthpiece and heating dial on one end, and a little door that gives you access to the heating chamber on the other. The chamber itself is fairly unique for a unit of this price, as it has a heating pin sticking through the middle. Most vaporisers have a simple bowl design, but the use of a heating pin will heat up your herbs from the inside out. The casing is fairly chunky and feels like it can take a fair bit of abuse, which is always a good reassurance to have.

The loading process is a slight drawback to the Alfa’s otherwise solid design. If you’ve got the Alfa on its way, make sure you grind your herbs more finely than usual when you use it, as it really doesn’t like stalk or any clumps. For the best draw, you’ll need to pack the chamber all the way to the top, which is made a little hard by the position of the heating pin. Using your finger to push the herbs down can get infuriating, so find some kind of thin, rigid tool for this. Once the actual packing’s out of the way, things get simple again. You just have to close it up, wait for it to warm up, then puff away.

The performance of the Alfa is a pleasant surprise given how small it is. One of its defining features is the way it delivers a great hit with just a three-second drag, probably due to the heating pin getting to more of the herb in a shorter space of time. The heating dial has five settings. First there’s low, medium, and high, which ranges between 190 and 230 degrees Celsius, then A/P and A/T, standing for auto-by-puff and auto-by-time. The auto-by-puff mode warms the chamber at the low setting, and then bumps it up by three degrees Celsius with every drag. The auto-by-time does the same thing, but just spreads the heating process over the course of 20 minutes. The vapour the Alfa produces is potent and smooth, more so than you’d expect from a piece with a mid-range price tag. The cleaning and maintenance is exceptionally straightforward. A film of residue will build up in both the heating chamber and mouth passage over time, but lifts off fairly easily with an alcohol-soaked pipe cleaner.

In summary, this vape isn’t an especially luxurious model, but for only $199.00 coming with a two year warranty, the Alfa exceeds expectations with its unique features. This is a great piece for anyone who enjoys a good quality vape and sits somewhere between being a casual user and connoisseur.

DaVinci Ascent Review

You may have been using a perfectly good portable vaporiser for years, and have no technical problems with it, however you’re likely to be limited to using it for either dried herbs or oils. The DaVinci ascent is the latest of our featured vaporisers, which totally erases this problem, letting you vape dry herbs, wax and essential oils with great comfort, convenience and if required discretion.

The outer casing of the Ascent screams luxury. The unit is compact, with a comfortable, curved shape, and available in a variety of gorgeous finishes – the “burl wood” is my personal favourite. It has an OLED display built into one face, which shows you the current temperature (ranging between 3 and 221 degrees Celsius) and has an easy to understand control interface, letting you customise how the whole thing works. There’s a retractable glass mouthpiece, though this isn’t necessary for use, which pulls smoothly out of the top of the unit. This mouthpiece is an extension of the Ascent’s vapour pathway, which is all glass, leaving no room for that god-awful artificial taste you get with a lot of cheap vapes. The other end of the model swings out to reveal the heating chamber, which is compatible with dry herbs, concentrates, waxes and oils through the use of a glass insert. Two of these come with the box, but you can order more from our site.

Using the Ascent is easy and pleasurable. DaVinci have managed to create an exceptionally functional unit, combined with the simplicity of being able to operate it with just one button. If you really hate having to fiddle around all the time with vaporisers, you can configure the Ascent to bump up its heat bit by bit at certain intervals of time. The power button, located near where the mouthpiece retracts, turns the unit on and begins warming up towards your set ideal temperature. Like many modern vaporisers, the Ascent comes with an auto shut-down feature, though refreshingly it allows you to set how long it needs to be idle for before turning itself off.

When drawing the Ascent, you can either use the retractable mouthpiece, or simply put your lips to the opening at the top (check out our video!). Each of these options puts up different levels of resistance, but never so much that you have to put everything down and clean the vape out. The stem of the Ascent is only fixed into the bulk of the unit by rubber, which I was slightly wary of at first, but it’s a snug fit and doesn’t show any signs of delicacy. While the Ascent is reportedly designed to stop heated concentrates being drawn through the mouthpiece, this part can get sticky fairly quickly, but this is a minor hitch in an otherwise solid model.

In conclusion, the DaVinci Ascent is an excellent portable vaporiser, with huge concentrations of style and functionality, sacrificing neither. The comfort, usability, and aesthetic design all show that DaVinci certainly cares about their customers’ satisfaction, and are determined to improve everyone’s vaping experience.

Arizer Air Review

Over the last year or so, dozens of portable vaporisers have been released, and while there have been a lot of great new models, none of them seemed exactly ground-breaking. This chain was broken by the release of the Arizer Air last November.

The Air builds upon the success of the earlier Solo, which was met with consistent praise by pretty much everyone who used it. It matches other high-end vaporisers in size, around 12 by 3 centimetres, as well as in price, at a slightly hard to swallow $259.00. Another feature that hints at the Air’s superior quality is that it takes changeable Li-ion batteries which are good for around an hour of continuous use. Perhaps the most distinctive sales point of the Arizer air is that you can use it while it’s charging, something which a large majority of vapers unfortunately miss out on.

The Air is fitted with a five-stage ceramic heating chamber, which reaches its highest temperature in around two minutes. Although this struck me as a little sluggish for a label as well-reputed as Arizer, the Air makes up for it with its wide range of temperatures, reaching from 356 to 410 Fahrenheit. This warm up time makes the Air a model better suited to private use, rather than taking it to pubs and clubs where you’ll need something a little faster to keep a low profile.

All the nuts and bolts are contained in a subtle, modern matte casing available in either silver or black which, seen as you’re reading this blog, will remind you instantly of a lightsaber handle. Compared to the fiddly process of a lot of other models in a high price range, you’ll find that loading the Air up is always quick and easy. Simply take the mouthpiece out of the base, dip the bowl partition into a pile of finely ground herb, put it back into place and you’re ready to go. This unique design of the bowl means you don’t have to handle your herb when loading, minimising the risk of you spilling. The Air comes out of the box with a sleek carrying case, which has sections for the two mouthpieces it comes with, which can be changed easily if you don’t want to wait around for one to cool down.

The only flaw I can really find in the Air is the way that it doesn’t hold its temperature quite as well as other high-end brands. This is especially prevalent when you’re drawing quickly – two sharp puffs is enough for the status light to start blinking – although this will be an issue in some form no matter what portable vape you use.

Overall, the Air is an incredibly well designed and potent model, almost tailor-made for the vapour connoisseur. While it’s a little clunky for public use, it functions in just the way you’d like it to, and covers a lot of the most common complaints made about other, sub-standard models.

Brooklyn – Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.10.43 PM




  • 2 oz Cannabis-infused Rye Whiskey*
  • 1 oz Sweet vermouth
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters


INFUSION: *Cannabis-Infused Rye Whiskey:

  • 1 750mL bottle Rye Whiskey
  • 8 grams Cannabis

Cut or grind your bud of choice and place it on a baking tray in the oven at 240-degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Pour the bottle of whiskey into a sealable one-liter jar, and add the baked cannabis. Agitate it lightly and let it sit, out of the sun, for 48 hours. Pour it through a cheesecloth and a strainer, making sure to squeeze any remaining liquid out of the cheesecloth.

You can obviously adjust the infusion process to reach the potency of your choice.


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir, and strain into a chilled coupe glass.


The new PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer, by Discreet Vape, is the latest development in the PUFFiT series. Every PUFFiT 2 Portable Vaporizer employs a 20% smaller size compared to its predecessor, the PUFFiT Classic! A high quality nickel plated copper filling chamber provides ultra conductivity when powered by the 2200 mAh rechargeable li-ion battery.


Whether youre new to vaping, or even the Puffit brand, the Puffit 2, aka P2, is great way to get into the scene. If youre taken the first step down Vape Avenue and ordered the P2 from us or another other reputable outlet (not sure why you would go anywhere except VapeAnywhere.com, but still we wont hold it against you this time) the first thing youll notice, when it arrives, is the quality of the outer packaging. Its a thing of beauty, even without taking it out the box.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to use its predecessor youll already love the way it mimics the look of a traditional asthma inhaler. Theres something really cool about taking it out in public, knowing whats inside, and having no-one give you a second look as you take a nice long puff.

So whats in the box? Well, once the box is opened youll notice that those previous good looks have continued perfectly into the new one. You may not immediately notice, but its actually 20% smaller than the P1. Its both narrower and shorter so fits perfectly in your hand and your pocket. It turns out size is important after all.

Other than the unit itself, all the pieces youll need are cleverly hidden below the top layer. It comes with some screens, if your using vaporiser oils, but if youre a lover of the dry, then youll probably not need those at all. It also comes with obligatory instructions, some alcoholic hygienic cleaning wipes, the USB charging cable, protective heat shield and the returning cleaning stick / packer tool (essential for packing your favourite dry products inside the chamber).

The first Puffit, as you may know, came with a magnetic opening, but the new P2 is entirely different and the protective mouth piece is now made from silicon rubber, so theres no need for any superfluous parts. Of course, the most important pieces in the box are the chamber itself and the new removable, longer-lasting battery.

The chamber has a new flip-top magnetic lock, but dont let the new design fool you. Even though the unit is smaller than the first one, its still packs a real punch. Its got 4 temperature settings which you can select by pressing the button. One thing that put some people off the first design were the lights to let you know when was was ready. The P2 does away with these and introduces haptic feedback. It will discreetly buzz once it starts heating up and again when its ready. Youll feel it in your hand so youll know straight away. So thats the unboxing done, but how does it work? Take a look at our Full Cut below for more from the Puffit 2.