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Vape Anywhere is a robust online magazine featuring in-depth reviews, critiques, and reports on vaporizers of a particularly high quality. In the course of only three years, Vape Anywhere has established itself as the preeminent resource for modern vaporizer enthusiasts. Founder and Executive Editor Matthew Kwas and his team of creators are known for their innate understanding of both historical references and the most cutting-edge vape technologies, and more importantly, can explain them in a way that is both entertaining and easy to understand. With a focus on creative content, one can find the Vape Anywhere team taking vapes to the streets in Brooklyn, events around the world, and occasionally even enjoying a vape at 30,000 ft. is registered as a domain and designed by our friends at Brooklyn Creative. The name, inspired by the desire to make a difference in vaping boundaries reflects founder Matthew Kwas’ desire to talk about vaping in a way that is comfortable for all levels of readers.


Why We Are: We believe people need access to information about vaping enthusiasm. We believe this should be provided in a beautiful entertaining way. We believe helping and educating first will drive sales later. We do this to be leaders in this arena.

The Hot Box: Is a feature where we test, document and rave or rant about new or cool products we find.

The Cypher: This is our core platform we broadcast our creative mutterings, sputtering’s and the occasional tidbits of gold about the vaping community at large.

The Shop: We can say proudly that we make a healthy profit selling products we have tested, tried and believe in. We endeavor to set our shop apart by offering boutique style support and service as well as a product range that is second to none in quality and appeal.

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